Point Roberts Happiness Show | 5 to 9 am PST

Point Roberts Happiness: A Joyful Morning Melody on PointRobertsRadio.com

5 - 9am PST 🎼432Hz 🎢

Rise and shine with a burst of positivity, happiness, and an irresistible beat as PointRobertsRadio.com presents "Point Roberts Happiness" – the perfect soundtrack to start your day on a high note! Join us for a musical journey that's bound to keep you on the brink of dancing, featuring the most iconic male and female artists known for spreading joy and positivity.

The Crooners of Joy: Male Vibes to Lift Your Spirit

Get ready to kickstart your day with the infectious energy of Bing Crosby, the suave charm of Dean Martin, the iconic presence of Frank Sinatra, the soulful rhythms of Louis Armstrong, and the timeless Tony Bennett. These legendary male artists will infuse your morning with positivity and set the stage for a day filled with joy.

Feminine Elegance and Joyful Serenades

Feel the empowering and joyous vibes as we bring you the enchanting voices of female artists who know how to keep the happiness flowing. From the youthful energy of Brenda Lee to the soulful sounds of Carla Cook, the vibrant Christine Hitt, the captivating Dinah Washington, the queen of jazz Ella Fitzgerald, the romantic ballads of Joni James, the timeless Judy Garland, the smoky allure of Julie London, the emotive Laverne Butler, the soothing Maxine Sullivan, the incomparable Nancy Wilson, the timeless Rosemary Clooney, and the enchanting Sarah Vaughn. 

Let their melodies lift your spirits and keep you on the brink of dancing.

Start Your Day Right: Point Roberts Happiness

Tune in to PointRobertsRadio.com for "Point Roberts Happiness" and let the positivity, happiness, and the irresistible beat of these iconic artists set the tone for your day. From Bing Crosby to Sarah Vaughn, every note will be a reminder to embrace the joy around you.

Join us, dance a little, and let the happiness of Point Roberts be the perfect start to your morning.


432Hz, Bing Crosby, Brenda Lee, Carla Cook, Christine Hitt, Dean Martin, Dinah Washington, Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra, Joni James, Judy Garland, Julie London, Laverne Butler, Louis Armstrong, Maxine Sullivan, Nancy Wilson, rosemary clooney, Sarah Vaughn, Tony Bennett

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