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Joni James is an American pop singer who was born on September 22, 1930, in Chicago, Illinois. She enjoyed great popularity in the 1950s and '60s and was known for her heartfelt and soulful voice. Her career spanned from 1952 until 1964, and she had several hit songs, including "Why Don't You Believe Me?" and "Your Cheatin' Heart."

James was not only a talented singer but also a skilled dancer, having trained in ballet during her youth. She initially wanted to become a prima ballerina, but her career path eventually led her to singing. Throughout her career, she recorded over 50 albums and had six appearances at Carnegie Hall in New York City.

In 1997, James married General Bernard Adolf Schriever, who encouraged her to resume her singing career after she had retired to care for her children and ill husband. She made a comeback in the late 1990s and continued to perform for sold-out audiences until her death on February 20, 2022, at the age of 91.

The official website for the singer Joni James is You can find more information about her life and career on this website.

Joni James

American Pop Singer 


artist profile, Joni James

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